37C3 Unlocked

from 27. – 30. Dezember at Oberhafen, Hamburg. always from 8pm – 2am

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eine gezeichnete Sau tanzt glücklich

During Chaos Communication Congress, Susi Sauna and Salon Hetchi will heat you up in their saunas at Oberhafen, Hamburg. Come by and don’t forget to bring your sauna utensils.

“A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar saunista can have.”

Live Data

Check the heat of our saunas. The data is brought to you by the smart sauna project.

packing list:

      • 1-2 towels
      • flip flops
      • bathrobe
      • water bottle

suggested donation: 3 – 10 €

don’t forget: jewlery looks cute, but can get really hot in the sauna. 

more live data

zwei Sauen sitzen zufrieden auf Bän


We want to create an safer space. Nudity is something very intimate for many people. Be respectful and respect the boundaries of others. For example, be a little more careful what you say and how you say it. Don’t comment other peoples bodies. If you do not behave in a way that makes others feel comfortable, we will send you home.

If you observe or experience inappropriate behavior, please report it immediately to those responsible.


Saunadorf Oberhafen
Near Stadtdeich, Hamburg

Geolocation: 53.54363, 10.00902

You will see the letters OBERHAFENGARTEN on the left side on the building. There is a open glassdoor. Go through this building and you will find the saunas directly on the backyard.