hot, hot, hot!

our events

Ever since 2017 we combine the two most beautiful activities ever – celebrating festivals and sauna.

it all started with the SAUNACLASH at the Free Interational Gas Station (FIT Gas Station). then in 2019, we found each other as a bigger group. within two month onle we put together the first ever SAUNASPLASH. this is where the mobile sauna community from germany or internationally comes together to spend three days with music, workshops, of course saunas, infusions and radical wellness.

do it together is our maxime. whether as a guest, helper, workshop leader, DJ or with your own mobile sauna – there are many ways to become a part of Team Wellnesss!

saunasplash 2021

In September 2021 we transformed the nudist area of Strandbad Plötzensee into splashistan, where we spent three intense days with the mobile sauna community. Splashies everywhere, 15 more or less mobile saunas, including a unfinished sauna that functioned as a cotton candy stand or as the minibar.

a happy-exhausted core orga team, many collectives and over 200 helpers made it possible! to help you get an idea of what a “Mobile Sauna Festival” could be, here are a few impressions.

our wellness institutions

you wish you could go back to splashistan? you can visit some of the wellness institutions that heated up the saunasplash at other locations. click through our community-page or the following links.

Do you have a mobile sauna, a sweat cabin, a pool or something similar? Sign up for the next sauna mischief as a wellness institution and we’ll get in touch with you!

artists and workshops

saunistas could engage in various activities and nudity at the SAUNASPLASH. hits on the silent disco floor, two stages, nude drawing and nude sports with the Adolf Koch Nude Sports Club, massages, plates and more or less nude dancing, two spectacular fire shows and and and…

safer space

It doesn’t matter if you’re naked or clothed: It’s important to us to create a body-positive place that allows you to experience, spend time with, and celebrate your body. All genders and bodies are welcome here.

you can download our saunasplah awareness concept here .

the awarenesstent offered a space at the saunasplash for some me-time. the tent was run by the awareness crew.

a cis-guy free construction group came together to build our first floating sauna, the FLINTA*-FLOAT. almost all saunas in the sauna community are owned or primarily run by cis-guys. to create a space with is determined by non-cis-guys only, the the float sailed across the Plötze.

keep updated

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