Manifesto for Radical Wellness

This Manifesto is a crucial part of our repertoire of scents. Being a child of the Hedonist International, we align ourselves with the demands of the Hedonist Manifesto, but we also want to know exactly what is being poured over the hot rocks. That is why we have extracted three main oils in our wellness expertise:

  1. Safer Space – the base note

We want to create an attentive and caring space for sweating, enjoyment and creation – either naked or dressed. We know that Sauna is an intensely body-centered practice and want to make it as accessible as possible, especially for people who don’t usually feel comfortable in these environments. We all should be allowed to care for and take care of ourselves. We are an open group of friends that welcomes new perspectives and the expression of needs. Racism, sexism, ableism, trans- and/or queer*phobia, body shaming and any form of predatory behaviour or discrimination do not have a space here. This claim comes with a responsibility and being able to take criticism.

  1. Brave space – the heart note

The collective is an empancipatory space where we can inspire each other, share knowledge and wisdom without hierarchies and dare to follow our own curiosity. We delight in experimentation and want to share this radical self-experience. This includes learning about own capacities and capabilities and practicing the communication of them.

Nudity can be a challenge.  That’s why it’s even more amazing to be able to greet it with ease.

  1. Playground – the head note

Sauna is a place for getting naked and dropping the act. We understand it as an anticapitalist space where we can live out cheap creativity. This means the use of existing resources for playful puzzling and immediate implementation of ideas. Without beating around the boiler.

Our growing network of sweat pearls is for meeting each other in a humourous and casual setting and dreaming leftist dreams together.

Wellness is more than sweating in silence. It can also be cheeky champagne in the sauna, outrageous raving and other shameless political shenanigans. Anytime, anywhere. The playground is where we are. And where we are, we set up a sauna!