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Sauna Locations

Most of the saunas in our community come from Berlin – but there are exceptions. We are happy to welcome new members from other cities and countries.

Sauna to the power of 13

part of the saunasplash ever since its inception!

a sauna of one’s own in the garden, a meeting space for the kiez and wellness in the wild, wild wedding. over the past years our funky sauna build from slattet frames has become a important element in berlin’s grassroots sauna culture. the sauna¹³ was constructed by two flatmates in 2016, was improved over the years and is the heart of our beloved sweatpearls-community.

Where it all begann

Dida, gas station owner and owner of the mobile sauna truck Firefit has not only been the inspiration for the construction of the Hoch13 sauna, but also the creative mind behind the idea to organize a mobile sauna festival – the Saunaclash 2017, which started it all.

Firefit was buildt under the direction of “SaunaProfessor“ Unto Siikanen together with carpenters from the cooperative Pro Puu in 2012, alongside World Design Capital in Lahti.

The mobile finnish Sauna with the creative energy force. Powered by FIT freie internationale tankstelle.



Le Camion Sauna

a founding member of the saunaclash!

the project „Camion Sauna“ is inspired by the sauna truck community from Scandinavia (Sauna Ajot in Teuva) and the sauna sessions from Canada.
the alteration to the „Camion Sauna” has started in 2012 and took place over a period of 5 years in Ankershagen, Strasbourg and Berlin Hohenschönhausen.

thanks to it’s 4 wheels, the “Camion Sauna” can create at any time and any place a hot atmosphere without risking being a factor for gentrification –  luxury for everyone and everywhere!

Polygon Sauna – tent and dome at the same time

a founding member of the saunasplash

the polygon sauna is a tent and dome cross-breed. be prepared: she can get very hot! the polygon sauna is a project by polygon berlin. for the last couple of years the members of polygon berlin have been working together in changing constellations and have created a plurality of complex structures in various media: 3d-programming, websites, concerts, comics, movies, painting and many more.



part of the SAUNASPLASH since its inception!

the FLUCHTKUNST is a truck of 7,5 tonnes with an incorporated sauna, an area which can be used as a bar or stage as well as enough space for a hangout.

wellness in tow

part of the SAUNASPLASH since its inception!

as a wellness-collective, the wellnesskarawane is promoting physical culture and health where ever they are. the caravan is moving with its sauna, outdoor hot tub, yurt and massages to various festivals.




rosa is hot. rosa is mobile. rosa makes you happy.

part of the SAUNASPLASH since its inception!

the 814er mercedes truck used to be a horse trailer, today it is the rosa sauna. rosa creates blessed, sweaty faces. it’s mission is to spread sauna fun.

the “Nacktbar” – barefoot up to one’s neck

first cooperation with team wellness in 2019, part of the SAUNASPLASH team ever since 2020.

in the “Nacktbar” (naked bar) everyone is naked outright.
we organize the “Nacktbar” to free the naked body from taboos and sexualization and revive a positive feeling towards one’s own body. we want to create an feel-good zone and celebrate in a fun atmosphere together.

sex-freed and body positive safer-space

#nudesportsberlin – the naked sportsclub in kreuzberg

part of the SAUNASPLASH since 2021

We are a non-profit naturist sports club from Berlin-Kreuzberg offering naked Badminton, Soccer, Gymnastics, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Aquagym, Workout, Yoga and Body Awareness . In warmer months, we are drawn out into nature going together on nude Hikes and Excursions and Trips.

Our club stems from the work of Adolf Koch back and was founded in 1923 in connection with the life reform movement. We are firmly rooted in Berlin-Kreuzberg, but we also have offers in other districts.

We are very open welcoming all who like to move naked or are interested in doing so.
So, join us and feel free! We look forward to welcoming you.

swedding – two firm saunas at plötzensee lido

part of the SAUNASPLASH since 2021

you can even visit there two petite saunas at plötzensee lido when there is no SAUNASPLASH. guaranteed with lake view.

Schweißperle – an trailer for blissful transpiration. 

part of the SAUNASPLASH since 2021

carlos from rostock build the schweißperle with a lot of attention and love.



a project commited to increase digital literacy created the programmable chain of lights. it is perfect for low-key programming, well illuminated naked-dancing or even for hanging out an receiving some compliments.

splitterfasernackt – discussions at 60°

60 degrees, two friends from berlin,  intriguing guests – we are “splitterfasernackt” (stark naked) and we are in the sauna! we sweat each first thurthday of the month with you to talk in the sauna about thrilling topics and to normalize nudity.